The storm surge and flooding damaged and/or destroyed dozens

In other words, a formalized approach to retirement planning is lacking.“There’s weak to moderate satisfaction with the tools that are out there,“ said Dennis Gallant, president of GDC Research in Sherborn, Mass. „Financial planning tools like eMoney add value, especially as the overall market shifts toward advice post DOL, but advisors need more support in adopting a planning oriented practice.“An 85 page report called „Advisors and Retirement Income Support 2016″ builds on prior research dating to 2008 and examines how advisors work directly with individual retirement income clients.“There has been virtually no shift in the philosophies advisors use to manage portfolios or greater agreement on the best solutions to use for these investors since our last study in 2008,“ said Howard Schneider, president of Practical Perspectives, which provides consulting and research services.Advisors are using multiple planning tools, optimization calculators, Monte Carlo simulations and Excel spreadsheets to deliver retirement income support for clients.“It’s an unbundled approach that varies from client to client,“ Gallant told Advisor News. „Advisors need more technology that will allow them to scale support because retirement income planning requires more time than accumulation.“A GoBankingRates survey from earlier this year found that one in three Americans has $0 saved for retirement.

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