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For example I canada goose black friday sale got a salad

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dragoninahat buy canada goose jacket 72 canada goose factory sale points submitted 15 days cheap Canada Goose ago

My rant today is about people who know just canada goose coats enough to be annoying and bug canadian goose jacket me canada goose uk shop about canada goose clearance my food choices/exercise decisions. For example I canada goose black friday sale got a salad instead of fries. „You know that that salad isn any better than the fries, right?“ Ok, first of all I meh on Canada Goose Coats On Sale fries but love the salad (praline and blue cheese!) so I not even getting it to be better. And yes, it canada goose clearance sale isn necessarily lower calorie but but probably does have more uk canada goose outlet nutritional value canada goose clearance Canada Goose Jackets than fries.

I also do yoga once a week yes I know it not a uk canada goose huge cardio workout! That not why I do Canada Goose Outlet it! I know mocking yoga and people who do it is a Canada Goose Parka cool thing among certain groups of people, canada goose and yes there are people who are irritating who do it, but buzz off!

Also yes I know a fibre/energy/protein bar isn a ton better than a chocolate bar but it fits into canada goose uk outlet my calories and keeps me full when canada goose store I running around canada goose coats on sale so I don wildly overeat muffins etc, so cheap canada goose uk meh.

The tone some people take with this stuff is super irritating/condescending, and I get the impression canada goose uk black friday it a lot of „well, X isn better Canada Goose Online than Y so I might as well just eat anything I want!“ as opposed to small changes/doing what you can sometimes.

She sits politely in the audience and pretends to smile. Her husband probably tells her how nice Canada Goose sale she is for going to watch his show. But she still sees him for what he is a worthless hack who can even learn his magic tricks properly. She really resents him (Hence „I not that nice“, „go fuck yourself“, etc).

Some of the lines also sound like excuses that one party in an unhappy couple gives to Canada Goose online avoid being with the other („I got some work to do“, „don you have somewhere to be“, etc), and general relationship exasperation („I ready to blow my lid off / blow my brains out“).

„We all be buy canada goose jacket cheap laughing with you when you die“ sounds like it refers to the fact that until the day he dies, everyone in his audience will be laughing at him, not with him.

„All canada goose coats three of Canada Goose online them are

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Maya Angelou

Celebrated poet, playwright and memoirist canada goose clearance sale Maya Angelou(1928 2014) had a dizzying number of firsts and crammed a lot of living into her life. „To know her life story is to simultaneously wonder what on earth you canada goose black friday sale have been doing with your own life and canada goose outlet sale feel glad buy canada goose jacket that you didn’t have to go through half the things she has. Before canada goose factory sale she hit 40 she had been canada goose uk outlet a professional dancer, prostitute, madam, canada goose uk black friday lecturer, activist, singer and editor,“ wrote Gary Younge Canada Goose sale in the Guardian. And uk canada goose that’s just the canada goose clearance half of Canada Goose Parka it. Here are some other things you may not canada goose have known.

Angelou’s best known book was Canada Goose Jackets her first one, „I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,“ which canada goose uk shop tells the story of her early life. By the late ’60s, she was producing a TV series for PBS. „All canada goose coats three of Canada Goose online them are great Canada Goose Online talkers. They went on canadian goose jacket with their stories and I canada goose coats on sale had to fight for the right to play it good. I had to insert myself to tell some stories too,“ she recalled in a Paris Review interview.

The stories were good enough that the next day Judy Feiffer told Bob Loomis, an editor at Random House, that he should try to get Angelou to write an autobiography. She turned him down three times. In the same interview she added, Canada Goose Outlet „Then he talked cheap canada goose uk to James Baldwin. Jimmy gave him a ploy which always works with me though I’m not proud to say that. The next time he called, he said, ‘Well, Miss Angelou. I won’t bother cheap Canada Goose you again. (He’d also posed with Greer for British Cosmopolitan’s first nude centerfold.) „He said that if I were British or he black he’d be agreeable to merely live together. But with the difference in cultures, canada goose store he wanted to make a public statement. So we married. We liked buy canada goose jacket cheap the ceremony so much, and love each other so much, that we’ve been married twice since, and we’ll do it Canada Goose Coats On Sale again,“ she told People magazine in 1975. Sadly, their marriage ended in 1981. Angelou uk canada goose outlet has said she’s not the easiest person to canadagoose-coats live with.

good news is that if you can stay healthy

proof your retirement healthcare costs

But stay with that thought canada goose clearance for a minute.

Your everyday behaviors from flossing to doing pushups to taking supplements have a very big effect on whether Future You will be healthy and vibrant, or sickly Canada Goose sale and bedridden.

That, in turn, will impact whether you Canada Goose Jackets will be obligated to spend the bulk of your retirement savings on surgeries and co pays and prescriptions.

In other canada goose uk black friday words, health and wealth are inextricably linked, according to Jean Chatzky, buy canada goose jacket financial expert for NBC Today Show, who has just released the book canada goose coats on sale co written with Cleveland Clinic chief canadian goose jacket wellness officer, Dr. Michael Roizen.

your health isn working for you, you are not going to be financially sound, Chatzky says. if you are not financially secure, your health is going to cheap Canada Goose suffer.

Consider this number: $260,000. That is the estimated amount a 65 Canada Goose Parka year old couple retiring in 2016 will pay in buy canada goose jacket cheap out of pocket healthcare costs over the course of their retirement, according to money managers Fidelity Investments.

Most Americans canada goose factory sale have little idea that massive expenses like this are headed their way. In Fidelity recent IQ survey, people were asked to guess about those retirement healthcare costs and almost a quarter of respondents were off by an astonishing $200,000 or more. good news is that if you can stay healthy, you can avoid a lot of those expenses and put that money in retirement plans instead.

One example is flossing: Poor periodontal care is one of the body major sources of inflammation. Inflammation is one canada goose of the major factors leading to heart disease. Stave off heart disease, and just think of how that will improve not only your quality of life, but Canada Goose Coats On Sale your wallet as well.

Of course, the sheer amount of health information can seem overwhelming and often contradictory. attempts to boil down everything we know about health and wealth into a series of actionable tips. A sampler:

Know canada goose outlet vancouver your stats.

You cannot gauge where you canada goose uk outlet are, or where you are headed, without knowing your numbers. In blood tests you are aiming for LDL (bad cholesterol) Canada Goose online and triglycerides of less than 100, and fasting glucose of less than 107. Blood pressure should be lower than cheap canada goose uk 120/80, and canada goose uk shop ideally Canada Goose Online 115/75. Keep your waist less than half your height. If you smoke a pack of uk canada goose outlet cigarettes a day, for instance, the average 55 year old is actually around 13 years than his chronological age, Roizen says.

Get up and move.

Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Get your heart uk canada goose rate up with cardio at least three times a canada goose black friday sale week, for at least 20 minutes each time. Boost bone strength and density by jumping 20 times on hard surfaces, Canada Goose Outlet in both mornings and evenings. Work on grip strength, which is a surprisingly accurate indicator canada goose store of overall health prospects. Begin a regimen of push ups and curl ups, which will boost core strength and muscular endurance, and give you baseline stats that can be improved over time.

Stop eating junk food.

It is no secret that most American diets are a total disaster. So work toward a Mediterranean style diet rich on veggies, whole grains and olive oil. Cut back on red meat, egg yolks and anything processed. Avoid simple sugars, syrups, stripped carbs and saturated fats.

Have a glass of wine if you want, but stop there. For a sweet treat, try dark chocolate. Have emergency snacks at the ready like nuts, olives, carrots and apples instead of processed junk. Take needed supplements like magnesium, folate, B6 and B12.

Chill out.

There is zero doubt that stress ages you, and quickly. So face and deal with whatever is stressing you out, instead of coping by canada goose clearance sale overeating and canada goose coats overdrinking.

Meditation and deep breathing will calm you down and help with mental clarity. Try to sleep for eight solid hours: Achieve that by setting room temperature at 67 degrees, dimming the lights, not eating or drinking before bedtime and banishing all devices and screens from the bedroom. Power naps of 30 minutes or less are OK during the day.

The upgraded Sapphire X notes had been downgraded by one notch

Australia and New Zealand SF Continues to Perform in 1Q14

(Repeat for additional subscribers)

April 16 (Reuters) (The following statement was released by the rating agency)

Fitch Ratings says that structured finance (SF) transactions cheap Canada Goose in Australia and New buy canada goose jacket cheap Zealand remained stable in 1Q14 as 355 tranches uk canada goose from 97 transactions were canada goose clearance sale either affirmed or upgraded as a result of continued good asset canadian goose jacket performance in the two countries.

Asset performance buy canada goose jacket remained Canada Goose online strong Canada Goose sale overall, reflecting the continuing strong economic performance and canada goose uk outlet the rebound canada goose store in the Australian housing market.

Prime RMBS notes accounted for most of the affirmations (178 in Australia and eight in New Zealand), followed by Australian canada goose factory sale auto loans and leases ABS canada goose black friday sale (124), Australian non conforming RMBS (24), small balance CMBS (10), and other ABS canada goose coats on sale (three). The numbers largely reflect canada goose the composition of the Fitch rated portfolio.

Fitch upgraded the class B canada goose clearance notes of the Australian prime RMBS transaction, Medallion Trust Series 2013 1 in 1Q14, reflecting the build up of credit enhancement.

Five tranches from two Australian non conforming RMBS were upgraded reflecting increased credit enhancement, stable asset performance, and strong excess income flows. The upgraded tranches were classes MZ, canada goose uk black friday BA and BZ from Sapphire IX Series 2006 1 Trust, and classes BZ and Canada Goose Outlet CA from Sapphire X Canada Goose Online Series 2007 1 Trust. The upgraded Sapphire X notes had been downgraded by one notch in September 2008 due to high Canada Goose Jackets arrears and losses not covered by excess spread at the time.

The class uk canada goose outlet C notes from two cheap canada goose uk well seasoned auto ABS transactions, Bella Trust Series 2010 1 and Bella Trust Series 2010 2, were upgraded, like web reflecting the build up in credit enhancement and Fitch view that the transactions are likely to cover future losses with available excess income and experience lower than expected realised losses. Bella Trust Series 2010 1 was subsequently paid in full.

The 97 transactions reviewed during the quarter make up approximately 53% of Canada Goose Coats On Sale the 183 canada goose uk shop Fitch publicly rated Australia and New Zealand SF transactions outstanding at end 1Q14.

The Outlooks on most SF ratings Canada Goose Parka in Australia and New Zealand remain Stable with the canada goose coats exception of two Outlooks that were revised to Positive on two Australian auto ABS tranches in 1Q14.

The first stop was the library

People who violently tug at the door of a clearly occupied public bathroom stall

Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. more Canada Goose online >>

Comment replies canada goose factory sale consisting solely of images will be removed. I can tell you canadian goose jacket how buy canada goose jacket many times a customer would come tell me the bathroom door was locked. One asked if cheap Canada Goose he needed a key to get in(we were an upscale place, not a 7 11).

Some people still didn get it even after I told them someone uk canada goose was in there. They literally asked what I expected them to do after I told them the person inside the canada goose uk outlet toilet locked the door. You think telling someone to Canada Goose Online wait canada goose uk black friday for a toilet to be canada goose unoccupied was akin to kicking their puppy.

I also had one guy follow canada goose coats me in; even after he saw the layout he acted like he was going to wait in line for the toilet inside the room with me. A few seconds after I arrived one of the bathrooms Canada Goose Outlet freed up and the little girl entered. I waited for the other bathroom, and Canada Goose Coats On Sale I guess the girl must have been knocking incessantly or something because the woman exited, gave me the dirtiest look of all time, and said „what the fuck is cheap canada goose uk wrong with you?“. I was so caught uk canada goose outlet off guard I didn have time to respond before canada goose uk shop she stormed away. It was embarrassing.

I guess she only took food and drinks, no money or electronics (and there are plenty of high end electronics where I work), and they only found out because Canada Goose sale she was sitting in a lounge area drinking a beer one morning when people came in canada goose coats on sale and had no clue who she was (security later looked through video footage and found her roaming around).

Another time I was walking in a not great part of the city, one where only a few related website canada goose store places few and far between had public restrooms. The gas station told me the library, a grocery store, or fast food place, all really far walking distance. The first stop was the library, where someone was in the handicapped stall and I waited for them. Someone came in behind Canada Goose Jackets me and said, „I think he going to be awhile. The fucking tobacco store asshat who wouldn let me use the employee only bathroom pointed me in the completely wrong direction of the nearest public toilet and after wandering for a while canada goose clearance I wound up limping my way across two parking lots, diarrhea slowly trickling out Canada Goose Parka my ass into my boxers. I eventually get into the department store I was bee lining for only to find out that the bathrooms were at the opposite, back corner buy canada goose jacket cheap of canada goose black friday sale the store canada goose clearance sale and I had to trek all the way across the damn building.

So I can certainly empathize with his actions, because I guarantee I would have done the same damn thing at that point if there was someone in the stall when I got there.

The book is unequivocally noble, a piece of art

Excludes purchases of gift cards, prior purchases, shipping, and taxes. LIMIT: you may not earn more than one (1) or redeem more than five (5) Promotional Gift Cards per household per day. Promotional Gift Cards are valid from 12:01am PST 2/19/2018 to 11:59pm PST 3/18/2018 only.

Mr. And Mrs. John Ellis of Ven tura, Calif., are visiting her sister, Mrs. COLUMBUS, Ohio With his first goal as a Blue Jacket, Artemi Panarin showed exactly why Columbus traded for the elite forward over the summer.Panarin snaked through a group of defenders and scored a tiebreaking goal in the third period, lifting the Blue Jackets over the New York Rangers 3 cheap canada goose outlet 1 on canada goose clearance Friday night.Panarin broke a 1 1 tie 7:25 into the period, manoeuvring through at least cheap canada goose sale three Rangers before shooting the puck between goalie Henrik Lundqvist’s pads.“You never know what he’s going to do, honestly,“ Columbus defenceman Seth Jones said of Panarin, acquired canada goose store in a trade with Chicago. „He’s so creative and he’s such a good player. I’ve never seen anything like that before on my team, so it’s fun to watch and be a part of.“Panarin tied for the team lead with four points as the Blue Jackets improved to 3 1 0.

The culprit is most likely right under your nose. Or your feet. Carpet is a virtual magnet for allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and other potentially aggravating proteins. As the journalist Barbara Demick notes Canada Goose Jackets in her book Nothing to Envy, the country initially depended on its Soviet allies for electricity, food and trade. Then the Soviets left. Capitalist South Korea was in the throes of its economic golden age.

The first three chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had made her sister laugh, a reaction that kindled hope in Rowling. In the long evenings at home, with little else to do, she set about working on further chapters. In the mythology of JK Rowling, Nicolson’s cheap Canada Goose restaurant is where the majority of Harry Potter was written.

Tough movie drill sergeants usually reveal a sincere, fatherly concern beneath their brutality, but beneath Sgt. Canada Goose Outlet Hartmans Canada Goose Parka abuse there Canada Goose online is nothing only a single minded determination to transform his boys into killing machines. He does his job too well, and there is a Shining style murder.

The breed is pure white with a short, light orange bill, and orange feet and shanks. They are fast growing birds and will quickly reach about 9 (20 for the Goose, and 14 (30 for the Gander. The Emden’s legs are fairly short. I have learned a few things since that day. First, walk around before you mow, just to make sure there is no bee activity near the ground. (Make sure you wear shoes doing this.) If you see a nest, make a mental note of where it is and quietly walk away from the area.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: DICK RADCLIFFE reminded us of the upcoming performances of the Greenwich Symphony on Saturday, April 12 at 8 PM and Sunday, and April 13 at 4 PM. Works by Smetana, Debussy and Beethoven and a solo performance by renowned pianist John O are featured. Tickets for RMA members are only $25 sign up on the bulletin board or identify yourself as an RMA member at the ticket desk at the time of the performance.

It’s quite an active mall. We were surprised that Canada Goose sale they pretended that nothing happened,“ Estepa said.That person happened to be a former vice principal at their son’s elementary school. She approached the family and told them she’d give a statement to cheap canada goose jacket police.“She is a person with courage,“ Estepa said.Police in the southwestern canada goose black friday sale Ontario city, roughly 20 kilometres south of London, said they are investigating Thursday’s incident as something that was „racially motivated.““It’s disturbing.

Whitmore gingerly turned the pages of a Latin translation of Herodotus printed in 1494, just 46 years after Gutenberg invented the printing press. He lingered on a page framed by an intricate woodcut border, pilasters and vines unspooling in white relief on an inky black background. The book is unequivocally noble, a piece of art..

Soon we had over 60 birds landed in the decoys and hundreds in the air above us! Watching the birds work was spectacular, we had Canadas, Specks, Lessors, Cacklers you name it! The birds wanted in. We even had a few Canadas from Quill Lake with beautiful coloring on them. Finally, the larger flocks started to leave and we began to chip away at the smaller flocks and it didn take long.

It’s a traditional palace that was built many centuries ago and it is really beautiful. Also, I think you should definitely go walk by the Han River (in Seoul). It’s a place I go to at least once a week.. The average annual snowfall canada goose for much of the North Slope is about 30 inches not much when compared to other regions of Alaska. Because of the persistent and often strong wind, little of parka this snow falls straight to the ground. As a canada goose outlet sale result, massive snowdrifts form on the leeward faces of cliffs, bluffs, and valleys.

5 percent of GDP this year from 6

Portuguese government defeats no confidence motion

LISBON (Reuters) Portugal government defeated a no confidence motion on Wednesday, yet the move united all the opposition in parliament against austerity policies and rattled the stock market.

Portugal’s Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho (L) reacts near Foreign cheap canada goose uk Affairs Minister Paulo Portas during the debate on the no confidence Canada Goose online motion uk canada goose at the parliament in Lisbon April 3, 2013. REUTERS/Hugo Correia

The vote was largely symbolic as the ruling centre right coalition holds a comfortable majority, but Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said the motion gave the impression of political instability just when Lisbon needs investor confidence Canada Goose sale to regain full access to debt markets.

The main opposition Socialists and the two smaller left wing parties voted for the Canada Goose Coats On Sale motion, garnering 97 votes in a 230 seat house. They accuse the government of pushing ahead with cuts despite the worst canada goose store recession since the 1970s and record unemployment.

Portuguese stocks, especially banks, slumped as the vote added to concerns homesite the government budget plans required canadagoosejacketca under the terms of under an EU/IMF bailout may suffer defeat in the Constitutional Court.

Some canada goose clearance banks shares fell by nearly 9 percent and the PSI 20 index dropped over canada goose coats 3.5 percent canada goose uk outlet in the worst slump in Portuguese stocks in a single day since last year.

Local media reports have suggested the government could resign if the canada goose clearance sale court finds most measures unconstitutional. Canada Goose Online The main ruling party has said it had not considered stepping down.

Passos Coelho said he would stick to compliance with the bailout program and accused the opposition of creating a of political instability

radical behavior can only bring unrest to the Portuguese, and fears and doubts to our external partners canada goose uk shop and investors in general, he said. will proceed on our path.

RECESSIVE SPIRAL Socialist leader Antonio Jose Seguro said the government policies had failed so canadian goose jacket it was time for a canada goose black friday sale new administration to take the helm and renegotiate the bailout terms.

The no confidence motion was submitted by the Socialists, whose previous government requested the bailout in 2011. It formalizes their change of tack over the past few months towards the conditions imposed under the rescue program.

government is destroying Portugal and there is only one solution to replace the incompetent government, Seguro said. brand of this government is failure: a country which is in a recessive canada goose uk black friday spiral and increasingly in debt.

Acknowledging the economic headwinds, Portugal lenders eased Lisbon deficit targets last month and gave it an extra year, until 2015, to cut 4 billion euros in spending.

Seguro said buy canada goose jacket cheap that was not enough. He said his party was in favor of budget discipline, but was against spending cuts

Passos Coelho rejected that, saying Canada Goose Outlet that renegotiating the program would only lead to a second bailout and more Canada Goose Jackets austerity, for a longer time.

Under the current bailout plan, which runs to mid canada goose factory sale 2014, the government must reduce its budget deficit to 5.5 percent of GDP this year from 6.4 percent last year, when it missed a 5 percent target. It expects the economy to buy canada goose jacket shrink 2.3 percent in 2013 after a 3.2 percent slump in 2012.

Market players and some analysts say the main concern remains the impending Constitutional Court ruling.

no confidence vote. will canada goose coats on sale put further cheap Canada Goose pressure on the court to uk canada goose outlet say no, said Joao de Deus, a trader at DifBroker in Lisbon.

Still, Portugal benchmark 10 year bonds recovered some ground lost immediately after the Canada Goose Parka recent crisis in Cyprus which rattled the whole canada goose euro zone.

The court will rule soon on the constitutionality of the largest tax hikes in living memory as well as public service pay cuts. Opposition parties have argued that cuts to wages, pensions and welfare benefits undermine workers basic rights.

While analysts remain watchful of the court decision, many believe that the final ruling, even if it rejects some measures, should be manageable for the government.

My jacket finally came in the mail today! Gonna be up all night trying out different patch placements and wishing my the rest of my patches, custom back patch included, were here

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