For example I canada goose black friday sale got a salad

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My rant today is about people who know just canada goose coats enough to be annoying and bug canadian goose jacket me canada goose uk shop about canada goose clearance my food choices/exercise decisions. For example I canada goose black friday sale got a salad instead of fries. „You know that that salad isn any better than the fries, right?“ Ok, first of all I meh on Canada Goose Coats On Sale fries but love the salad (praline and blue cheese!) so I not even getting it to be better. And yes, it canada goose clearance sale isn necessarily lower calorie but but probably does have more uk canada goose outlet nutritional value canada goose clearance Canada Goose Jackets than fries.

I also do yoga once a week yes I know it not a uk canada goose huge cardio workout! That not why I do Canada Goose Outlet it! I know mocking yoga and people who do it is a Canada Goose Parka cool thing among certain groups of people, canada goose and yes there are people who are irritating who do it, but buzz off!

Also yes I know a fibre/energy/protein bar isn a ton better than a chocolate bar but it fits into canada goose uk outlet my calories and keeps me full when canada goose store I running around canada goose coats on sale so I don wildly overeat muffins etc, so cheap canada goose uk meh.

The tone some people take with this stuff is super irritating/condescending, and I get the impression canada goose uk black friday it a lot of „well, X isn better Canada Goose Online than Y so I might as well just eat anything I want!“ as opposed to small changes/doing what you can sometimes.

She sits politely in the audience and pretends to smile. Her husband probably tells her how nice Canada Goose sale she is for going to watch his show. But she still sees him for what he is a worthless hack who can even learn his magic tricks properly. She really resents him (Hence „I not that nice“, „go fuck yourself“, etc).

Some of the lines also sound like excuses that one party in an unhappy couple gives to Canada Goose online avoid being with the other („I got some work to do“, „don you have somewhere to be“, etc), and general relationship exasperation („I ready to blow my lid off / blow my brains out“).

„We all be buy canada goose jacket cheap laughing with you when you die“ sounds like it refers to the fact that until the day he dies, everyone in his audience will be laughing at him, not with him.

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